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Jul 2017

Episode 669 - Too Big

We're joined today by Dominic Rivera (@bigprnerd), AKA PRS-1. We start this episode with a coupe podcast recommendations from Randolph and a little sports talk. Then, we revisit a classic MC Hammer video. After that, we discuss the upcoming HBO drama Confederate. Next, we watch video of a Florida politician telling black people to go back to Africa, and a different Florida resident shooting out truck tires for no reason. And we close out with the video of trash can guy vs. machete guy, and check out the latest comments on Dominic's girl's Instagram account.

Jul 2017

Episode 667 - Neopolitan

Welcome back to the show, folks. And remember, if you want to hear our Monday episodes, head on over to We start this one off with a little gun talk before moving on to the ever changing shades of Sammy Sosa. Next, a listener email gets us talking about security clearances, Donald Trump, Jr., and al the Trump kids. Then, we get our first ever podcast appearance from Tim's daughter. And we close out with Trump's ridiculous notion that Mexicans will be throwing big bags of drugs over his border wall.

Jul 2017

Episode 665 - A Man Now

Randolph is out of town this week, so we have Tim Miller back along with Elton Howard, Jr. We start this episode talking about Master P's movies and drug resistant STD's. Then, we hear about how Elton's family reacted when they found out he got a girl pregnant in high school. After that, we discuss a Brazilian soccer team that kicked four players off for a little gay hazing. And we close out with some thoughts on the new Jay-Z album, and a guy who tried to frame liberals with fake anti-Trump graffiti.

Jul 2017

It’s Patreon Time!

Alright folks, the time has come for us to start putting one of our weekly episodes behind a pay wall. But it's only $3/month, which is totally reasonable. You can catch today's episode, Episode 664 - Sock Game, on our Patreon page:, or by looking us up on the Patreon app. And don't worry, every week's Thursday episode will continue to be free.

Jul 2017

Episode 663 - Pound For Pound

Once again, we're joined today by Mike Eltringham (@Mike_Eltringham). We start this episode with some NBA free agency talk and whether there should be age restrictions in the NBA. Next, we discuss last week's Serena vs. McEnroe beef, and Serena's Vanity Fair cover picture. After that, we talk about why men can't show affection for other men. And we close out with some discussion on the notion that Clinton would have been as bad or worse than Trump.

Jul 2017

Episode 662 - Extra Straps

This week, we're joined by a pre-puppet legend, Mike Eltringham (@Mike_Eltringham). We start this episode talking about dominatrixes. Then, some listener emails set us straight about black fraternities and sororities. And a listener email gets us talking about the differences between black audiences and white audiences. After that, we spend a few minutes talking about tipping etiquette. And we close out with some disucssion on Colin Kaepernick, and boxing. Today's outro song is provided by The Passion HiFi (