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Jan 2018

Episode 709 - The Claw

We're back today with Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC) sitting in. In this episode, we check out some listener emails including one that gets into a long conversation about the Aziz Ansari story. Then, we express some doubts about Trump's weight. After that, we check out the story of a football player who reportedly had some odd things to say to a cop. And we close out talking about Mo'Nique's issue with Netflix.

Jan 2018

Episode 707 - Deodorant

We're back today with Dominic Rivera sitting in. We start this episode with a couple listener emails and a few thoughts on Dave Chappelle's recent specials. Then, we talk about some old school musicians and what they're up to today. We also discuss Trump's shithole comments. Next, we talk about an odd casting choice for Catherine Zeta Jones, and Mark Wahlberg's recent lopsided payday. And we close out with some initial thoughts on the Trump/Stormy Daniels story.

Jan 2018

Episode 706 - The Definition Of Black

Hey folks, our apologies for no episodes last week. We had technical difficulties. But we're making it up to you this week with two episodes that will be free for all listeners, whether you listen on Patreon or through our free 3GO feed. On today's episode, we talk with Michael A. Wood, Jr. You may remember a free episode of The Woke Files in which Randolph spoke with Mr. Wood about police misconduct, and a subsequent episode (Episode 696 - Scrapple) where we read a listener email with issues concerning some of Mr. Wood's tweets about race. Well today, get ready for a spirited conversation with Michael A Wood, Jr., including his response and explanation of where those tweets were coming from, and a broader conversation about race and power structures.

Jan 2018

Episode 703 - The Thug Look

Hey look, we're back! Today, we're joined by PRS-1, Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we respond to a few listener emails. Then, we talk about how we feel about what transpired in 2017. And we close out with a conversation on what it takes to be woke. Just one episode this week and it's free for everyone, but we'll be back to our usual schedule next week.