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Aug 2018

Episode 763 - The Squat

Today, we've got Tim Miller back, so it's the OG 3GO crew. In this episode, we talk about good chicken and defunct comedy clubs. Then, we discuss workplace bathroom etiquette before checking out some listener emails and comments. And we close out talking about Michelle Beadle's decision not to watch football this year, and a Netflix show recommendation.

Aug 2018

Episode 761 - Calm Up

Randolph is out this week, but we have Tim Miller and Dominic Rivera sitting in. We start this episode with some rankings on the best burger restaurants. Then, we check out a clip of a doctor who got tackled by security at the airport despite being white, and a video of a different white guy who thought it would be a good idea to get drunk and yell racial slurs in Uganda. And we close out with a Georgia state senator's strange rationale for Trump's use of the N-word.

Aug 2018

Episode 759 - Purple Skies

Today we're joined by Sock Puppet #1, Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. We start this episode checking out some listener emails and comments, and talking about GenX politicians. Then, we discuss Omarosa's new book about Trump. After that, we watch a video of Paris Dennard desperately trying to defend Trump. And we close out with the story of a guy who committed suicide by stealing a plane and crashing it.

Aug 2018

Episode 757 - Super Triflin’ Mode

Randolph is out today, but we're joined by Elton Howard Jr. and Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we get a fresh, new crazy Elton story that just might top all of the other ones. Then, we talk about a couple stories from Dominic's past. After that, we discuss old strip club experiences. And we close out with the audio of a guy who called into C-SPAN and threatened to shoot two CNN reporters.

Aug 2018

Episode 755 - Booty

Today we have Tim Miller back, and we're also joined by Franqi French and JL Cauvin. In this episode, we talk about Franqi's childhood days selling porn, and the first time JL ever saw porn. Then, we discuss how gay men get away with groping straight women. After that, we talk about the proper way to get dressed before a show, and a bizarre old comedy club promotion. And we close out with some conversation about Dak Prescott.