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Aug 2019

Episode 860 - He’s The King

Today's guest is the great Romane Walters. In this episode, we get a lot of listener feedback and discuss tips for an aspiring comedian, new music from Felt Five and a new intro song from Rod Morrow, crazy evangelicals, Sean Spicer on Dancing With The Stars, and Trump possibly getting primaried.

Aug 2019

Episode 858 - Mr. Styles

Today's guest is the hilarious Tim Miller. In this episode, we discuss raising daughters and marriage, listener emails, previewing Elton Howard's new podcast, Trump clowning someone for being overweight, and Chris Cuomo getting called Fredo.

Aug 2019

Episode 856 - Banana Bread

Today, we're joined by the great Elton Howard. In this episode, we discuss 3GO spinoff podcasts, emails and comments, Popeyes BBQ sandwich, white cops on horses, a racist high school kid with guns, and a basketball player who tried to use his girlfriend's urine to pass a drug test.

Aug 2019

Episode 854 - Armful Of Crutches

Tim Miller is back this week, along with the great Mike B. We start this episode with some comments and emails, then take a deep dive into the world of a prosperity pastor. Then, we talk about Tim's recent Comedy Central spot, debating problematic jokes, and Jason Whitlock.

Aug 2019

Episode 852 - Rats Everywhere

Today's guest is the hilarious Elena Torres. In this episode, we check out some listener emails and comments and discuss ingrown hairs, spinoff podcasts, Trump vs. Cummings, and the ongoing crisis at the border.