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Sep 2019

Episode 868 - Bad Demons

Randolph is out today, so we're joined by Tim Miller and Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we check listener comments and talk about Biden vs. Corn Pop, 80's movies, Dominic freestyling over some new Infrared Krypto beats, Justin Trudeau, and Tekashi 69.

Sep 2019

Episode 866 - Pushing Boundaries

Today's guest is one of our favorites, Charity Sade. In this episode, we talk about Bill Burr's special, listener comments, Popeyes BYOB promotion, Shane Gillis, Felicity Huffman, and a swimmer who was disqualified because someone didn't like the way her swimsuit fit.

Sep 2019

Episode 864 - A Hot Mess

Today's guest is the great Mike Brown. In this episode, we talk about Chappelle, Jerry Falwell, Jr., 90's R&B groups, a gay conversion therapist who realized he's gay, and Walter Mosley.

Sep 2019

Episode 862 - Dumb Out

We've got the great Romane Walters sitting in today. We start this episode with some listener comments and emails. Then, we spend the rest of our time discussing Dave Chappelle's recent special, what constitutes cancel culture, and problematic jokes.