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May 2016

Episode 566 - Stay In Your Lane

Happy Memorial Day, folks! This week, we're joined by #3SPN standout, Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). In this episode, we talk about whether roasts are a good method to settle beef between comics. Then, we give some NBA Playoff predictions. After that, we watch video from an extremely awkward sportscast. And we close out with some analysis of an article that explains how to become a better person. Today's intro and outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi (

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May 2016

Episode 565 - Green Bottles

And here's another episode with the great Haywood Turnipseed Jr. sitting in (@woodyseed). We start this one off talking about Blake Lively's recent controversial Instagram post, and the nature of cultural appropriation. Then, we turn our attention to a mayor who's using the power of prayer to fix potholes. After that, it's the story of a local politician who posted a screenshot without closing his porn tabs first. And we close out with a judge who exchanged lenient sentences for naked pictures of defendants. Today's intro and outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi (

In the sky, there are no potholes:

May 2016

Episode 564 - A Calling

This week, we have Sock Puppet #1 back on the show, so give it up for Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed). We start this one with Randolph and Haywood recapping last week's Foreign Exchange concert, which shifts into a conversation how to market yourself independently. Then, we talk about a couple recent horse deaths in Baltimore. Next, we discuss the latest wrinkle in the Redskins team name debate. And we close out talking about one of the hardest things to do in comedy. Today's intro and outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi (

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May 2016

Episode 563 - Case Closed

And we're back again with Philippe Schafer sitting in. In this episode, we discuss educational children's programming. Then, we take a look at an interesting new innovation in the world of beatboxing. After that, we check the latest Dick Gregory conspiracy theory. And we close out with some discussion on Trump and North Carolina's recent transgender bathroom law.

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May 2016

Episode 562 - Duct Tape

This week, we're joined by one of our favorite returning guests, Philippe Schafer. In this episode, we discuss online dating vs old-school meeting people in person. Then, a listener email has us revisiting last week's conversation about parents beating kids. Next, Randolph gives us an update on his ongoing neighbor drama. And we close out with a long discussion on a rape joke told by a local comedian and all of the fallout and conversation it sparked.

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