The Woke Files 49 - JL Cauvin

• March 30th, 2020

In this edition of The Woke Files, Randolph chats with the great JL Cauvin about the upcoming election and JL's newfound viral fame from his world class Trump impression. We're making this Woke Files episode free for all of our listeners. To hear more exclusive content, head on over to our Patreon at:

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Episode 912 - Lockdown

• March 30th, 2020

We're still in quarantine this week so we worked some Skype magic to be joined by Petey Steele. In this episode we talk about being stuck inside, working from home, going out to stores, facemasks, famous people getting The Rona, the upcoming election, and listener comments. Just one (long) episode this week, so we're making it free for everybody. Look out for a new Woke Files later today.

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Episode 911 - Social Distancing

• March 23rd, 2020

So we're trying something new today. We got together with Chris Lamberth to record this week even though we were all in different locations. And it mostly worked out except for some audio issues. Of course, we talked about the quarantine and Covid-19, and also video games and listener comments. This is the only episode for this week, but we'll try to have something similar up next week as well.

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Episode 910 - Mouthpiece

• March 19th, 2020

Today's guest is the hilarious Mike B. In this episode we talk about 90 day probation periods, listener comments and emails, destroying the Corona virus, quarantining, Andrew Gillum, adopting a dog, and bad neighborhoods.

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Episode 908 - The Rona

• March 12th, 2020

Today's guest is Elena Torres. In this episode we talk about the Coronavirus, listener comments, numbers, Spike Lee, MLK's letter from a Birmingham jail, and an anti-gay congressman who came out as gay.

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Episode 906 - Crazy Nines

• March 5th, 2020

Today's guest is the great Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode we discuss Diamond and Silk, sports debate shows, Wacka Flocka Flame, listener comments, numerology, Snoop at the Red Table, and a Boosie Badazz update.

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Episode 904 - Fat Man And The Skinny Woman

• February 27th, 2020

Today's guest is the great Elena Torres. In this episode we talk about Fury vs. Wilder, 90's sitcoms, Latin American TV, being bilingual, listener comments, Trump's opinion of Parasite, and Mayor Pete and the election.

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Episode 902 - Pull It To The Side

• February 20th, 2020

Today's guests are Romane Walters and Mike B. In this episode, we discuss Mike B's workout routine, listener emails, a teacher giving lap dances, the reclining plane seat debate, and we make some spontaneous music using beats from Infrared Krypto.

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Episode 900 - Pizza And Bagels

• February 13th, 2020

Today's guest is the great Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode, we talk about planet fitness, listen to new music from Infrared Krypto, get a Snoop Dogg update, Heidi Klum being called white, and wearing a cloak.

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Episode 898 - Take That

• February 6th, 2020

Today's guest is Charity Sade. In this episode, we talk about listener emails and comments, a girl losing her perfect attendance pencil, impeachment, booing Hillary, Randolph's run-in with a customer at his job, Terry Crews, and Mase vs Puffy.

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