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Jul 2016

Episode 582 - Groovy

We're back again today with Elton Howard Jr. (@MrEltonHowardjr) and yes, he drops yet another hot freestyle in this episode. After that, we get into some discussion on respectability politics and the recent protests from WNBA players. Then, we move into a little bit of Trump talk. And we close out with the story of a twitter troll who finally got what he deserves.

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Jul 2016

Episode 581 - Red Lights

This week, it's the long awaited return of Pop Pop himself, Elton Howard, Jr. (@MrEltonHowardjr). In this episode we catch up with Elton, hearing all about his recent trip to Aruba, his recent positive relationship news, and he even drops a hot freestyle. We also discuss the perils of open carrying and the recent police shooting of an autistic man's caregiver. And we close out with some political talk and recapping of the Republican convention.

Aruba is only accessible by jet:

Jul 2016

Episode 580 - With Sprinkles

We're joined again today by Becca Steinhoff (@beccasteinhoff). In this episode, we talk about a WNBA team that wore shirts so inflammatory, the cops who were working security at their game decided to leave. Then, we get into some comedy talk about what it's like to do comedy when you're not feeling funny. Next, we discuss the ways people are trying to co-opt the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. And we close out with a Canadian singer who decided to inject a little message into his rendition of his national anthem.

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Jul 2016

Episode 579 - Jars and Bars

This week, we're joined by the hilarious Becca Steinhoff (@beccasteinhoff). In this episode, we get to know all about Becca's childhood rebelling against her parents, hopping trains, and what happens when your whole family moves to a hippie town. Then, we debut a brand new intro song submission from Chad Heft with Dustin Chalifoux and Weighn Beats. And we close out with some conversation on racism and policing. Today's intro and outro songs are courtesy of Weighn Beats (

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Jul 2016

Episode 578 - Certain Degrees of Racism

We're joined again today by Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed) and Romane Walters (@Thatblack1). We start this episode off deconstructing an eye opening Facebook argument between Randolph and some white friends of a friend. Then, we pick up where Monday left off, discussing the recent shootings and what constitutes proper police conduct. And that leads us into a broader conversation on racism and representation.

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Jul 2016

Episode 577 - Y U Mad?

This week, we're joined by two of our 3SPN all-stars, Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed) and Romane Walters (@Thatblack1). We start this episode trying to distract ourselves from the big stories from last week with some sports talk and listener emails. Then, we get into all the shootings from last week. We discuss police brutality, racism, internet arguments, what it's like to do comedy at a time like this, and everything else we can think of. Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi (

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Jul 2016

Episode 576 - Thirty Years of Hurt

We're joined once again today by the great Chris Milner (@EnglishmanChris). We start this one with a short Game of Thrones recap before moving on to some thoughts on the recent BET Awards. Then, we spend a few minutes discussing our facial hair. After that, we move on to England's recent and not so recent soccer failures, and try to come up with some cool British band names. And we close out with the story of a woman who got so drunk, she hit a homeless guy with her car and then just decided to walk home.

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Jul 2016

Episode 575 - Skim Off The Top

The week, we have returning champion Chris Milner (@EnglishmanChris) sitting in. We spend a few minutes catching up with Chris, then delve into a listener email that has us revisiting the great chicken wing debate. Then, we turn our attention to a conversation Randolph had last week that has us contemplating slavery and the holocaust. And to close, who better to explain Brexit than a genuine Brit? Chris breaks down the whole thing for us. Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi (

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