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Sep 2016

Episode 599 - Steele Barz

We're back again today with Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). We start this episode with a few minutes on the new African American History Museum. After that, it's finally time to find out if Petey has the lyrical skill to take Chris Lamberth's 3GO freestyle title. Next, we discuss why it's a bad idea to throw a pie into a former NBA player's face. Then, we revisit Corey Feldman's recent musical performance with an update from Corey himself. And we close out with an update on the kid who faked being a doctor, and a listener email.

Sep 2016

Episode 598 - Stay Safe

This week, we're joined by a 3SPN favorite, Petey Steele (@SteeleBornDC). In fact, this episode starts with a call-in from another special guest, Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast. We call Rod to get his views as a Charlotte resident on what's happening with the ongoing protests there in the wake of the Keith Scott shooting. After that, we move into a broader conversation on what constitutes activism. And we close out with a few thoughts on everybody's favorite out of touch football talking head, Mike Ditka.

Check out The Black Guy Who Tips podcast at

Sep 2016

Episode 597 - Baes and Bees

We're back again today with Chris Milner (@EnglishmanChris). We start this episode with a few listener emails. Then, we move on to the saga of Teacher Bae and all the praise and hate that came her way last week. Next, we discuss Penn State's recent efforts to honor Joe Paterno for some reason. Then, we try our best to watch Corey Feldman sing his new song on TV. And we close out with a classic case of a college student putting on a clay mask and making a blackface joke.

Sep 2016

Episode 596 - Get This Rat

This week, we're joined by the great Chris Milner (@EnglishmanChris). We start this one off talking about what kind of TV show is best to fall asleep to. Then, Randolph and Andy do a short recap of their trip to the Redskins game last Monday night, which leads into a discussion of National Anthem protests and what Ron Rivera and Trent Dilfer had to say about them. Next, Chris and Andy talk about their dogs for a bit. Then, we talk about Trump and Fallon. And we close out with a listener email that starts a discussion on navigating the corporate world as a black man. Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi.

Sep 2016

Episode 595 - Get Your Bars Up

And we're back today with the great Chris Lamberth (@ChrisLamberth). You've heard Elton freestyle on the show in the past, but today's episode starts with Chris going for Elton's throne with his own freestyle. Then, we talk about athlete protests and some issues with college sports. Next, we talk about the homophobic responses to a recent picture a father posted laying down next to his son. And we close out talking about dating and hearing some of Chris' recent experiences on the dating scene. Listen to Chris' podcast, The Mundane Festival at Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi.

Sep 2016

Episode 594 - Gas Station Chicken

This week, we're joined by the very first guest we ever had on the podcast, Chris Lamberth (@ChrisLamberth). In this episode, we discuss fast food chicken, school dress codes, and buying our first CD's. Then, a listener email gets us talking about what not to do as a new comedian. After that, we take a look at possibly the worst commercial ever made. And we close out with some talk on what it means to have an open dialogue on race. Check out Chris' podcast, The Mundane Festival. Today's outro song is provided by The Passion HiFi.

Sep 2016

Episode 593 - Secret Information

We're joined today by the great Sean Gabbert (@SeanGabbert1). In this episode, we break down the Lena Dunham/Odell Beckham, Jr. fiasco, including a dramatic reenactment of the conversation between Lena and Amy Schumer that started it all. Then, we move on to an analysis of the upcoming movie Mr. Church, just from watching the trailer alone. Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi.

Sep 2016

Episode 592 - With Your Eyes

Today we're joined by two great guests, Bengt Washburn (@BengtWashburn) and Sean Gabbert (@SeanGabbert1). We start this episode off catching up with Bengt and discussing Sean's upcoming move to Los Angeles. Then, a listener email has us revisiting a couple recent stories that were very similar but had some key differences. Next, Randolph tells us about the time he saw David Copperfield live. And we close out with some updated thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick situation and a little history lesson on the origins of policing.

Sep 2016

Episode 591 - Helping Black People

 And we're back today with Elton Howard Jr. sitting in. In this episode, some talk of bad rap music leads to another insane Elton freestyle. Then, we talk a little Trump, politics, and haircuts. Next, we listen to a crazy voicemail left by the governor of Maine for one of his enemies. And we close out with a white supremacist video that wound up getting a lady fired from her job.