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Oct 2016

Episode 607 - Mother Funk

This week, we're joined by the great Franqi French (@FranqiFrench). We start this one off with some comedy talk and catching up with Franqi. Then, we hear about how some incompetent doctors messed up Franqi's daughter's foot. After that, it's a brief Franqi tale about some of her famous friends in L.A. Next, a listener email gets us talking about how to conduct yourself at a black funeral. And we close out with some thoughts about Amy Schumer's 'Formation' video and the resulting backlash.

Oct 2016

Episode 606 - Long Bomb

Once again, we're back with the great Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC) sitting in. We had to go a little short in this episode due to time constraints, but we'll be back at full strength next week. We start this one off with a breakdown from a comedic perspective of Donald Trump's rough set at last week's Al Smith Dinner. Then, we spend some time taking apart the situation with the NFL's latest abusive player, Giants kicker Josh Brown. Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi.

Oct 2016

Episode 605 - Touch Of Gray

We're joined this week by the always great Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). In this episode, we get a tip from Petey on how to get out of jury duty. Then, we talk about prematurely going gray, and how vitamins might help. Next, we discuss last week's final Presidential Debate. And we close out talking about Petey's famous writer friends and his famous battle rapper friends.

Oct 2016

Episode 604 - Guilty Pleasure

And we're back again today with Chris Milner (@EnglishmanChris). This episode starts with Chris getting a follow-back from a famous person on Twitter. Then, we take a look and listen to Corey Feldman's musical return to The Today Show. After that, we talk about a woman who got fired from her 911 job for hanging up on callers. And we close out with a woman who did a National Anthem protest while singing the National Anthem, and some funny Trump videos.

Oct 2016

Episode 603 - Keep It Legal

We're joined this week by the one and only #EnglishBae, Chris Milner (@EnglishmanChris). We start this episode recapping Chris' recent wedding. Then, we speculate on who could be the first minority to play Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial. Next, we discuss what Locker Room Talk actually means. And we close out with some more Trump discussion and a breakdown of the saga of Ken Bone.

Oct 2016

Episode 602 - The Gun Girl

We're back again today with Romane Walters (@Thatblack1) sitting in. We start this episode with some reminiscing about the proper etiquette when calling friends' houses back in the day. Then, Randolph tells a couple stories about his single days in Texas. And after that, we get to hear all about Romane's condom issues and how the government is responsible. Today's intro and outro songs are provided by The Passion HiFi.

Oct 2016

Episode 601 - You Can Do Anything

This week, we're joined by 3SPN favorite, Romane Walters (@Thatblack1). In this episode, we discuss Donald Trump's latest and greatest deplorable statements. Then, we get an update on Randolph's surgery recovery. Next, we revisit Trump and what could be in store in the next debates. And we close out with an update on Randolph's crazy neighbor situation.

Oct 2016

Episode 600 - I’m A Soldier

Hey look, we made it to 600 episodes. And today, we're joined by one of our earliest and most frequent guests, Mike Eltringham (@Mike_Eltringham). In this episode, you'll get to hear Randolph hopped up on painkillers after minor surgery. We talk about guinea pigs, why people want to honor Joe Paterno, and aging sports announcers. We spend a few minutes discussing Luke Cage and The Magnificent Seven. And we close with some thoughts on last week's Presidential Debate and how we got to this point in this election.

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