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Dec 2016

Episode 619 - Shell Shock

Today, we're joined by SP1, Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed). We start this episode discussing what could have resulted from last week's meeting between Jim Brown and Donald Trump. Then, we break down Trump's appointment of Ben Carson to lead HUD, and what could have been a more suitable position for Ben. And we close out dissecting a recent Twitter feud between Piers Morgan and Lady Gaga.

Dec 2016

Episode 618 - Recipes For Disaster

This week, we're joined by SP1, Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed), and we call friend of the show and intro-song-writer, Chad Heft (@ChadHeft) to talk about his newly released comedy album. After that, we get a quick update on Randolph's neighbor situation. Then, we discuss the way to handle having a daughter with a birthday a week before Christmas. And we close out with a long discussion on Obama, Russia, and Trump. In other words, it's the 3GO State of The Union Address.

Dec 2016

Episode 617 - Stick The Landing

Back again today with Dominic Rivera sitting in. We start this episode talking about the dollar store cashier who wound up on stage with Maxwell. Then, we move on to discuss some old-school memories of people bombing at the Apollo, and an infamous Youtube clip of a comic getting booed off stage. After that, we discuss the fate of Philadelphia's Pistachio Girl. And we close out with a little sports talk and what the problem is with Cam Newton this year.

Dec 2016

Episode 616 - Young And Loud

This week, we're joined by a new guest to the podcast, the great Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we get to know Dominic and discuss some of the perils of trying to raise children. Then, we talk about Russia hacking and influencing the presidential election, and how a guy with a gun wound up at a pizza place in DC. And we close with Randolph recapping a recent twiter beef, and talking about how much effort it takes to stay woke.

Dec 2016

Episode 615 - The Big Face

And we're back again today with Tim and Petey Steele both sitting in. We start this one off talking about some terrible grocery and drug store ideas. Then, we get into last week's Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren cordial conversation/evisceration. Next, we talk about the effects of putting dumb people on TV. And we close out with some thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's recent remarks about Fidel Castro.

Dec 2016

Episode 614 - No Puppet

This week we're back at full strength with Tim sitting in, and we're also joined by 3SPN favorite, Petey Steele. We start off hearing about an incident in which Andy was heckled during his CD recording. Then, a listener email gets us discussing good food spots around DC. And after that, we turn to the latest Trump news, speculating about who among our friends voted for him, whether he can pull off a Muslim registry, and some ways to fight back against Trump supporters.