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Mar 2017

Episode 640 - Dead Meat

We start this episode with some Trump talk before transitioning into whether men should hug, and what's wrong with big game hunters. Then, we discuss a white supremacist who's trying to get some good PR for racists like him. After that, we take apart the reasons why Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job. And we close out talking about whether college athletes should get paid, and what would happen if Floyd Mayweather actcually fought Conor McGregor.

Mar 2017

Episode 639 - Jarobi’s Back

Hey, guess who's back this week? The one and only Tim Miller. We start this episode with Randolph recapping his time in NYC last weekend during St. Patrick's Day. Then, some listener emails have us talking abut HBCU's, giving relationship advice, and revisitng the slave food discussion from a couple weeks ago. And we finish off with some talk about all the comedy specials that have come out in recent weeks, and our thoughts on both of Dave Chappelle's new specials.

Mar 2017

Episode 638 - Slave Food

We're joined again today by the great Larry XL (@LarryXL). We start this episode with some talk on what it takes to do comedy in Canada. Then, we check out the now famous video of a pundit being interrupted on live TV by his kid, his other kid, and then his wife. That takes us into a discussion on why people try to justify beating their kids. And we close out talking about horrible food and horrible eating habits. Today's outro music is provided by The Passion HiFi.

Mar 2017

Episode 637 - Scornstar

This week marks the long awaited return of the great Larry XL (@LarryXL) to the podcast. We start this episode talking about music, pop culture, and the nature of joke theft. Then, we give a brief recap of our road trip to see Chris Rock last weekend. Next, we get a sneak preview of Andy's upcoming CD, and hear some of Larry's music. And we close out with an update on last week's Jamie Kilstein story.

Mar 2017

Episode 636 - Never Look Below

And we're back today with Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed) sitting in. We start this one with some analysis of a former NBA player's comments on how he would handle a gay player in the locker room. Then, we turn our attention to a male feminist comedian who had a public fall from grace last week. And we close out with the video of a comedian who was attacked on stage by a Trump supporter.

Mar 2017

Episode 635 - Sugar, Butter

This week, it's the return of SP1, Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. (@woodyseed) to the show. We start this episode talking about sweet potato pie and a fast food secret menu item. Then, we catch up on some listener emails. After that, we talk about some of the crazy conspiracy theories Trump has been tweeting about lately. And we close out discussing Jeff Sessions links to Russia, and our favorite ice-cream flavors.

Mar 2017

Episode 634 - The Hive

We're back today with Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC) and Franqi French (@FranqiFrench) sitting in. We start this episode with some new thoughts on that Milo guy, bullying, and how to properly hold people accountable. Then, we discuss why people really have problems with transgender people using the bathrooms of their choice. And we close out with some discussion on the Grammy's problem with giving top awards to black artists, and whether Beyonce is worth all the hype. Today's outro song is provided by The Passion HiFi.