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Aug 2017

Episode 677 - Hard Ass Head

We're back today with Dominic Rivera sitting in. This episode starts with a listener email that gets us talking about great pimp movies. Then, a video of two women fighting at a La Quinta Inn gets us checking out some other classic YouTube girl fights. Next, we get the real story about the black guy who stood behind Trump during his recent speech in Arizona. And we close out with some thoughts on the recently pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Aug 2017

Episode 675 - Stop Right There

Today we're joined by Dominic Rivera, AKA PRS-1. We start this episode talking about music and checking out some listener emails. Then we get into some comedy talk and discuss old-school hangouts. After that, we look at a couple divergent clips from Jason Whitlock and Max Kellerman. And we close with some thoughts on last week's viral Tina Fey sketch.

Aug 2017

BONUS EPISODE: The Woke Files - JL Cauvin

No regular 3GO this week because of scheduling issues but fear not, Randolph came through with a bonus free episode of The Woke Files. In this episode, Randolph talks to one of our favorite regular guests, JL Cauvin. You can check out all things JL including his podcast, The Righteous Prick, at his website,

Aug 2017

Episode 673 - Just Jacked

Today's episode is a short one due to some time constraints. But, we have the great Romane Walters sitting in. We start this one off with a few listener emails. Then, we talk about some ridiculous criticism of a recent photo Tiger Woods posted of himself. Next, we get an update on the Baltimore police drug-planting caught on camera story. And we close out with some analysis of Ray Lewis' thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick situation. Today's outro song is provided by The Passion HiFi (

Aug 2017

BONUS EPISODE: The Woke Files - Jason Weems

Hey listeners, if you haven't checked us out on Patreon, you've missed out on Randolph's new interivew show, The Woke Files. This is a special free edition of The Woke Files with guest, comedian Jason Weems. You've heard us talk about Jason's near-death experience on the show recently, but in this conversation, you can hear him tell it to Randolph in his own words. We have a special benefit show to help raise funds for Jason's medical bills this Wednesday, August 9th at the DC Drafthouse (, and you can donate to Jason's GoFundMe here:

Aug 2017

Episode 671 - She Looks Nasty

Today, we're back at full strength plus, with Tim in the house as well as guest Petey Steele. We start this one off talking about how far we'll go for the sake of comedy, and what happens when women get to throwing drinks. Then, an email gets us talking about Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed. After that, we get a podcast recommendation from Randolph. And we close out with some analysis of a comedian's recent Facebook apology to everyone in his comedy scene, and Lavar Ball's treatment of a female referee.