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Sep 2017

Episode 683 - Baked Beans

Short episode this week because of time constraints, but it's a good one. We're joined today by Franqi French (@FranqiFrench). We start this episode talking about the Golden State Warriors' refusal to visit Trump's white house. That takes us into a discussion of Serena Williams' recent letter to her mother. Then, we discuss the revelation that Aaron Hernandez had CTE. And we close with two stories of people getting away with defecating in public.

Sep 2017

Episode 681 - Cock The Hammer

Today we're joined by Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). We start this episode talking about the various ways to wear ties. Then, we get an update on a "hot cop" who turned out to be an anti semite. After that, we talk about a campus security guard who shot himself and blamed it on a non-existent black guy. Then we talk politics for a bit. And we close out with a few classic videos of people accidentally shooting themselves.

Sep 2017

Episode 679 - Ignorant

Today, we're joined by Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). In this episode, we get to hear Randolph raising a daugher, and hear a recap of his recent trip to NYC. We also check out an article about the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, VA and what he has been up to since last month's Nazipalooza. Then, we take a look at a local story involving a woman, a bus, and a cup of urine. And we close out with a long overdue Petey Steele freestyle.

Sep 2017

BONUS EPISODE: The Woke Files - Jason Nichols

Since we didn't have a chance to record a regular podcast this week, we're putting this episode of The Woke Files up for free. In this episode, Randolph has an enlightening coversation with Jason Nichols, a professor of African American Studies at the University of Maryland who has made multiple appearances on Tucker Carlson's show. Stay tuned next week when we'll be back to our regular schedule.