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Nov 2017

Episode 698 - Feature Spot

We're joined today by the great Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). We start this episode with a listener email about proper comedy terminology. Then, we hear about the bizarre story of Ray Allen getting catfished. Next, we discuss Trump's Time Magazine beef and his assertion that the access hollywood tape is fake. And we close out with some stories of Black Friday craziness.

Nov 2017

Episode 696 - Scrapple

Happy Thanksgiving! We're joined today by Dominic Rivera, Elton Howard, Jr., and Randolph's brother Marc Todd. We start this episode with some thoughts on the LaVar Ball vs. Donald Trump feud. Then, we check out a couple listener emails including one that has us revisiting the recent Woke Files episode with Michael A. Wood, Jr. After that, we talk about maturing and the benefits of therapy. And we close out with a predictable story of an anti-gay politician getting caught having gay sex.

Nov 2017

Episode 694 - The Evil One

We're joined today by Franqi French (@FranqiFrench). We start this episode with a couple listener emails that have us revisiting the good old Pumpkin vs. Sweet Potato debate. After that, we discuss some classic black movies. Then, we get into the story of the white girl who basicallly poisoned her black college roommate. And we close out with a traffic reporter who went viral after being body shamed online.

Nov 2017

Episode 692 - Tasty Diner

Today we're joined by Courtney Fearrington (@bigCcomedy). We start this episode talking about deodorant and good places to eat around Astoria, NY. Then, we watch a video of Trump being incredibly awkward with kids at a Halloween photo-op. Next, we tackle the age old question of what's the better pie: pumpkin or sweet potato. And we close out with the story of a Clemson Univeristy student government Vice President who was impeached after not standing for the pledge of allegiance.