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Mar 2018

Episode 727 - Fascist Pigs

We're joined today by Elton Howard, Jr., AKA Pop-Pop. We start this episode with some comedy talk and listener emails. Then, we spend a few minutes discussing Lil Dickey's latest song. After that, we talk about the shooting of Stephon Clark, which leads to a braoder conversation on guns. And we close out with some thoughts on the Killer Mike NRA video.

Mar 2018

Episode 725 - Choked Out

We're joined today by Petey Steele (@SteelebornDC). We start this episode with some discussion about the early stages of the Austin bombings. Then, we talk about a ridiculous scandal involving a neo-nazi from Maryland. After that, we discuss a teacher whose gun went off in class, and why white people seem to be stockpiling so many guns. And we close out with some conversation about hip hop and the grammys.

Mar 2018

Episode 723 - A Remarkable Scene

Today we're joined by the great Dominic Rivera. We start this episode talking about old movies before reviewing a new song from a hotep turned singer. After that, we talk about Trump and North Korea. Next, we discuss Kobe's Oscar. And we close out with some discussion about the drama created by a local radio prank gone wrong.

Mar 2018

Episode 721 - Boo Boo

Our guest today is the great Courtney Fearrington (@bigCcomedy). We spend the beginning of this episode talking about some recent news about Rick Ross. Next, we talk about the NFL combine. Then, we discuss the fallout of the Michael Steele CPAC incident, and recent efforts to criminalize blackness. And we close out with the idea of grocery stores selling guns.

Mar 2018

Episode 719 - I Hear You

We're joined today by the great Romane Walters (@Thatblack1). We start this episode with a couple listener emails. Then, we move on to talk about that Dana Loesch lady from the NRA, and what she has to say about the media. Next, we talk about comments made about Michael Steele at CPAC, and Trump's cheat sheet. And we close out discussing the revelation that an officer stayed outside the school during the Parkland shooting.