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Apr 2018

Episode 735 - Lost Cause

Today we're joined by Elton "Pop Pop" Howard, Jr. We start this episode talking about old fast food jobs. Then, we reminisce about apartment living when you're young. After that, Elton tells us all about the big house he used to have before the housing market collapsed. Next, we discuss the notion of "happy slaves" being taught to some kids in school. And we close out with some thoughts on why Big Freedia's voice is showing up in other people's songs, but she's not making it into their videos.

Apr 2018

Episode 733 - Trespassing

We're joined today by Petey Steele. We start this episode with some listener emails. Then, we talk about a naked guy getting violent on the DC Metro. Next, we talk about Ray Lewis vs. Odell Beckham Jr., and the ongoing saga of Colin Kaepernick. After that we discuss last week's Starbucks racism and a kid getting shot at for trying to get directions to school. And we close out with some thoughts on the Simpsons response to The Problem With Apu.

Apr 2018

Episode 731 - Charlene

Today we're joined by PRS-1, Dominic Rivera. We start this episode talking about some recent drama involving Gary Owen. Then, we break down the recent Conor McGregor backstage fight. And we close out with some great stories from Dominic about all the gambling and women from back in his Air Force days.

Apr 2018

Episode 729 - Fight The Fatigue

We're joined today by the great Chris Lamberth (@ChrisLamberth). We start this episode talking about junk food and old video games. Then, a listener email leads to a converastion about the Breakfast Club vs Desus and Mero drama. And we close out with a video of female Trump supporters defending him after the Stormy Daniels interview, and some disucssion on racism.