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Sep 2018

Episode 771 - Leftists Everywhere

Today we're joined by almost puppet, Mike Brown (@olmikeb757). We start this episode with some discussion on the Kavanaugh confirmation situation. Then, we check out a couple listener emails and revisit the Kevin Hart/Katt Williams feud. After that, we talk about a group of siblings who made a campaign ad endorsing their brother's opponent. And we close out discussing a popular podcast that was criticized for fetishizing black men.

Sep 2018

Episode 769 - My Elevator

We're joined today by Pop Pop himself, Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode, we talk about Elton's current workout facilities. Then, we discuss a little bit of the infamous Katt Williams interview. After that, we watch a video of a white guy who decided to pull his gun on a group of black kids trying to get on an elevator. That leads us into deeper a discussion on race, and how Serena Williams' U.S. Open penalties should be perceived.

Sep 2018

Episode 767 - He’s On Fire

We're joined today by sock puppet favorite and new father, Romane Walters. We start this episode discussing white people's relationship with fire. Then, we talk about Obama's return and check a couple listener emails. After that, we give some early thoughts on that cop who walked into the wrong apartment and shot the guy who lived there. And we close out with an update on that Duncan Hunter guy's campaing finance vioaltions, and a cop who was liking KKK posts on Facebook.

Sep 2018

Episode 765 - Evolving Thoughts

We're joined today by the great Petey Steele. We start this episode off talking about John McCain's funeral and his legacy. Then, we move on to some discussion on Sam Harris and other modern-day "intellectuals." Next, a listener email has us revisiting the idea of the squatty potty. And we close out with the latest from Kanye West.