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Oct 2018

Episode 779 - Cletus

We're joined today by PRS-1, Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we talk about junk food, listener emails, that Saudi Arabian prince guy, a racist political ad, and a big upcoming change in Dominic's life.

Oct 2018

Episode 777 - Rei

We're joined today by the great Charity Sade (@c_sade_b). In this episode, we take a call from Dominic Rivera and talk about a couple members of the extended 3GO family who passed away recently. Then, Randolph tells the story of a classic hell gig. And we close out with some discussion on Melania Trump's recent interview, and voter suppression.

Oct 2018

Episode 775 - Jowls

We're joined today by not-quite-puppet Mike Brown. In this episode, we talk about home improvement projects, listener emails, old sad wrestler stories, Kanye ranting on a table, Mitch McConnell's next endeavor, and a couple stories of people starting fires.

Oct 2018

Episode 773 - On Brand

We're joined today by the great Charity Sade. We start this episode with some recent show recaps before moving on to some listener emails. After that, we try to make sense of Kanye West's rambling SNL rant thing. Next, we talk about an Uber driver who caught his wife cheating when she got into his Uber. And we close out with a story on how the Redskins have decided not to pimp out their cheerleaders.