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Dec 2018

Episode 796 - Cheering Crowds

We're joined today by the great Mike B. In this episode, we check listener emails, we discuss sensitive college crowds and the "rules" of comedy, how Trump ruined his life, Michael Cohen going to jail, and a Chicago Bears player whose fiancee got dragged for her old tweets.

Dec 2018

Episode 794 - Polyamorous

We're joined today by Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode, we talk about that floss dance, Elton's attempt to reconnect with a high school crush, Elton's divorce situation, the NRA, how "we" missed the rise of white supremacy, and the crazy family of a crazy right wing bomber.

Dec 2018

Episode 792 - Tinged

Today's guest is the always great Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we talk about listener emails and comments, a man whose neighbor called the cops on him for quoting Jay-Z lyrics, white people dancing, Trump's possible next chief of staff, WASP's, Lena Dunham, and the challenges of fatherhood.

Dec 2018

Episode 790 - This Racism Nonsense

Today, we're joined by the hilarious Mike B. We start this episode figuring out how to set Mike B's gigantic watch. Then, we watch video of a dumb Fox News host saying dumb things about immigration and racism. After that, we check out some listener emails that have us revisiting that Chipotle dine and dash story, and that missionary who got killed on an island. And we close out talking about some NFL players in legal trouble, and a white woman who gave her kid an unusual name.