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Mar 2019

Episode 820 - The New Awkward

Today, we're joined by Chris Lamberth. In this episode, we discuss anxiety and depression, black leaders then vs. now, Chris' girl that got away, early thoughts on the Mueller report, Adrien Broner's homophobia, and updates on Pastor John Gray and Jess Hilarious.

Mar 2019

Episode 818 - Affirmative Action

It's the rare TWO guys on episode, since we had a guest cancel on us at the last minute. In this episode, we check listener emails and talk about getting into therapy, getting something out of comedy, the college admissions scandal, Meghan McCain, the New Zealand mosque shooting, Jess Hilarious, and Russell Westbrook vs. Utah Jazz fans.

Mar 2019

Episode 816 - Dirt Mob

We're joined today by the hilarious Mike B. In this episode, we talk about being a homeowner, check out some new tracks from Infrared Krypto, discuss Mike's brief music career, Meghan McCain, Jussie Smollett, and Trump loving his family.

Mar 2019

Episode 814 - Lessons Are Learned

We're joined today by Petey Steele. In this episode, we discuss white savior movies, listener emails, Matt Gaetz' witness tampering, Ilhan Omar targeted by West Virginia politicians, a white woman who called the cops on a black man at a dog park, and we close out with some freestyles from Petey over a couple Felt Five beats.