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Oct 2019

Episode 878 - A Kangaroo Situation

Today's guests are Franqi French and Charity Sade. In this episode, we talk about shooting squirrels, flying roaches, a muscular kangaroo, drinking stories, listener comments, Kanye, and the NBA vs. China.

Oct 2019

Episode 876 - Boots And Pants

Today's guest is the hilarious Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode, we talk about platinum rap albums, listener comments, a man beating up a peeping tom, Elton rapping, Pastor Wilson, a black school officer fired for saying the N word, and Gina Rodriguez.

Oct 2019

Episode 874 - He Got Gout

Today's guest is the hilarious Mike B. In this episode we check listener emails, and talk about the NBA vs. China, Simone Biles, pedicures, AOC's haircut, impeachment, and initial thoughts on yet another story of a cop shooting a black person in her home.

Oct 2019

Episode 872 - Dorks And Herbs

We've got Romane Walters sitting in today. In this episode, we talk about following porn stars, new music from Infrared Krypto, nude weigh-ins, and a teacher who said confederate flags mean you want to marry your sister.

Oct 2019

Episode 870 - Canister Of Germs

We're joined today by Franqi French and Courtney Fearrington. In this episode, we talk about listener comments and emails, Amber Guyger, diversity in entertainment, and some of our favorite sketch comedy.