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Dec 2019

Episode 890 - Get The Strap

Today's guest is the Pop-Pop himself, Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode we check listener emails and comments, hear a story about an entitled white girl and a drumstick, Dwyane Wade, the kidnapping hoax, Elton stealing a car, and white supremacy.

Dec 2019

Episode 888 - Museum Facts

Today's guest is the hilarious Romane Walters. In this episode, we talk about Black Hebrew Israelites, Cam'ron's thoughts on dinosaurs, Twitter porn, Michael Vick, NFL players scamming the system, and listener emails.

Dec 2019

BONUS: Archives Volume 1

Here's a little trip down memory lane with some old clips from the really early days of the podcast. The old episodes are no longer online in full, so consider this a Three Guys On EXCLUSIVE!!!!!