Episode 802 - It Ain’t The Devil

• January 24th, 2019

It's time to turn up, because we're joined today by Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. We start this episode with some listener emails. Then, we talk about how we handled last week's snow days, R. Kelly, Pedophilia, Michael Jackson, and an update on that pastor who bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini.

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Episode 800 - Donkey Money

• January 10th, 2019

We're joined today by the the hilarious Franqi French. In this episode, we reminisce about the early days of the podcast, get an update on Randolph's basketball coaching career, check listener emails and comments, talk about comedy, old horror movies, the shutdown, a Franqi story, and the status of Franqi's stepson. To donate to his GoFundMe, go here:




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Episode 798 - Burnouts

• January 3rd, 2019

Randolph is out today, but we're joined by Dominic Rivera and Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode, we talk about Trump, Elton's YouTube videos, old cars, Travis Scott and the Super Bowl halftime show, and a black man who was kicked out of a hotel lobby, where he was staying, for loitering.

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Episode 796 - Cheering Crowds

• December 27th, 2018

We're joined today by the great Mike B. In this episode, we check listener emails, we discuss sensitive college crowds and the "rules" of comedy, how Trump ruined his life, Michael Cohen going to jail, and a Chicago Bears player whose fiancee got dragged for her old tweets.

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Episode 794 - Polyamorous

• December 20th, 2018

We're joined today by Elton Howard, Jr. In this episode, we talk about that floss dance, Elton's attempt to reconnect with a high school crush, Elton's divorce situation, the NRA, how "we" missed the rise of white supremacy, and the crazy family of a crazy right wing bomber.

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Episode 792 - Tinged

• December 13th, 2018

Today's guest is the always great Dominic Rivera. In this episode, we talk about listener emails and comments, a man whose neighbor called the cops on him for quoting Jay-Z lyrics, white people dancing, Trump's possible next chief of staff, WASP's, Lena Dunham, and the challenges of fatherhood.

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Episode 790 - This Racism Nonsense

• December 6th, 2018

Today, we're joined by the hilarious Mike B. We start this episode figuring out how to set Mike B's gigantic watch. Then, we watch video of a dumb Fox News host saying dumb things about immigration and racism. After that, we check out some listener emails that have us revisiting that Chipotle dine and dash story, and that missionary who got killed on an island. And we close out talking about some NFL players in legal trouble, and a white woman who gave her kid an unusual name.

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Episode 788 - Choices

• November 29th, 2018

Well, we were going to make this a Patreon only episode, but we decided to put it out there for everybody. You're welcome, freeloaders. With Andy out of town this week, Randolph is joined by some of our favorite guests, Chris Lamberth, Petey Steele, and Mike Brown. Enjoy the show!

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Episode 787 - Turn Up

• November 21st, 2018

Holiday week, so we're up a day early with Charity Sade sitting in. In this episode, we listen to a brand new theme song courtesy of Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips (shout out). Then, we hear about Randolph's basketball coaching and check some listener emails. After that, we talk about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being called out for wearing nice clothes. And we close out with some discussion on Bill Maher's hot Stan Lee take.

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Episode 785 - Grace

• November 15th, 2018

We're joined today by the great Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. In this episode we talk about Creflo Dollar's latest endeavor, check listener emails, listen to some new tracks from Infrared Krypto, watch videos of teachers and students fighting, and tell the story of a hostile crowd member at our show last week.

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